Why Is This Channel Taking Over The Trending Page???

8. 11. 2019
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123 Go has taken over, it's time we accept the new crafting king
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on CSworld, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • About the Bobby pin, it does hurt that much if it's clamped on your finger... BUT you don't reach into a bad and it just randomly clamps onto your finger lmao

    Amelia SandersAmelia SandersPřed 23 minutami
  • POV: Me and my cousin in 2016 playing doctors at 2am during a sleepover: 9:20

    That dumb BitchThat dumb BitchPřed 2 hodinami
  • 10:38 OH nO MY CHaNgE LMAOOO

    FoxSlasher _93FoxSlasher _93Před 4 hodinami
  • The hardest I’ve laughed in awhile. Thx Danny, needed that :)

    Amanda SuppesAmanda SuppesPřed 10 hodinami
  • Still don’t know why you don’t say “ Hope you’re having a Greg day”😔

    SirBuckingham 123SirBuckingham 123Před 11 hodinami
  • Your welcome drew

    John Wesley HardenJohn Wesley HardenPřed 11 hodinami
  • Danny:GOLD!!! me:eh more like copper

    JJ HyruleJJ HyrulePřed 12 hodinami
  • We are Greg. We're like anon, we are one but we are many, except we don't rise by destroying evil, we rise by........................being Greg.

    Claire AdkinsClaire AdkinsPřed 12 hodinami
  • 11:54 idk why but that face mack me laugh😂

    super forcesuper forcePřed 16 hodinami
  • And they have channel in every country with the local narrator

    The Unsaid Things SaidThe Unsaid Things SaidPřed 16 hodinami
  • Bro my men’s has a ratatoing shirt 😂

    NubblyNachosNubblyNachosPřed 16 hodinami
  • Actually they don't. There are no Bobby pins everywhere. That is a lie. I DON'T EVEN USE BOBBY PINS ARRRRRRGH! like if you agree.

    Silveion2020 10Silveion2020 10Před 17 hodinami
  • as a frequent bobby pin user i can confirm that this channel knows nothing about bobby pins lmao

    MarshmallowHeartMarshmallowHeartPřed 21 hodinou
  • For many years, I never understood why you said greg. Then I subscribed and I got full access to all Greg information I just noticed you're wearing a Ratatouing shirt, nice!

    Maddi JMaddi JPřed dnem
  • I laughed so fuucking hard xDDDDD HAHAHA lemme get my phone to ss this: OH FUCK NO BOBBY PIN

    Karol SoleckiKarol SoleckiPřed dnem
  • I love how Danny doesn’t know anything about the girl hack things hahah

  • I don’t understand why they don’t just take a dump and not flush it. It would be the same thing.

    276 Revolution276 RevolutionPřed dnem
  • Did you notice the Ratatoing shirt?

    Arianna KostopoulosArianna KostopoulosPřed dnem
  • 9:33 that is very unrealistic..... The doctor didn't run away 5km

    Hat palHat palPřed dnem
  • The ratatoing t shirt

    Andy PhelanAndy PhelanPřed dnem
  • Life hack Bobby pins loose and poking you? Put them away

    Kyle KnifeKyle KnifePřed 2 dny
  • Just saying, apparently the "green electricity" is supposed to be static.

    WilsonWilsonPřed 2 dny
  • And this man just called me Greg

    Ads AdamAds AdamPřed 2 dny
  • Troom Troom and Five Minute Crafts: *Oh, so you're approaching me?*

    Italian AizawaItalian AizawaPřed 2 dny
  • 8:30 As a girl I can confirm, This doesn’t happen.

    Silver .*•Silver .*•Před 2 dny
  • How to gather the essence of blue Step 1: find a couple of smurfs Step 2: get a blender Step 3: put the smurfs in the blender and turn it on Step 4: clear the blender of limbs and pieces of smurf and tip the essence of blue in a cup

    The ballistic TreeThe ballistic TreePřed 2 dny
  • Who noitced the raratoing shirt! Ode to you Danny!

    Sienna AmpolaSienna AmpolaPřed 2 dny

    PLAT!NUMPLAT!NUMPřed 2 dny
  • Nice ratatouing shirt

  • Hack Enemies: Danny: 123 GO Jenna Marbles: 5 Minute Crafts Simply Nailogical: Troom Troom Safiya Nygaard: Blossom

    Piggy CupcakesPiggy CupcakesPřed 2 dny
    • also Cody: 5 minute crafts

      MarshmallowHeartMarshmallowHeartPřed 21 hodinou

    Zoé DionneZoé DionnePřed 2 dny
  • A least this narrator sounds like a human

    Gavin SelinGavin SelinPřed 2 dny
  • The ratatoing shirt 😂😂😂😂

    chloe scottchloe scottPřed 3 dny
  • Did any one else notice Danny's whereing a ratatoing shirt

    daniel parisarnauddaniel parisarnaudPřed 3 dny
  • can actually relate to bobby pins digging under my nail sometimes when i look in bags

    Bean BeaningtonBean BeaningtonPřed 3 dny
  • "Now I'm not a girl... I'm a GREG." No, you're the leader of the GREGs. You're a... GREG KING

    softsnowsoftsnowPřed 3 dny
  • 1, 2, 3... uh... 1, 2, 3.... what comes after 1 2 3? shit i have no clue.. OH! **starts recording** What's up, GREG! Welcome back to another episode of 123 *NO!*

    softsnowsoftsnowPřed 3 dny
  • 4:24 green electricity? Deku?

    A joji StanA joji StanPřed 3 dny
  • 123 GO *exists* Troom Troom: why do i hear boss music

    Daniel MakDaniel MakPřed 3 dny
  • 123 no...💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    Breanna VulturBreanna VulturPřed 3 dny
  • sometimes i wish i could double like a video

    Pierce MacsephneyPierce MacsephneyPřed 3 dny
  • Surprising with your perfectly quaffed hair!

    Adam HaydenAdam HaydenPřed 3 dny
  • Everyone who just subscribed, you are not a girl or a guy, but a GREG

    Landon BrownLandon BrownPřed 3 dny
  • 7:56 her hair is now twice the length

    Sam FordSam FordPřed 3 dny
  • i'm not a girl, i'm a greg -Danny Gonzalez

    DoubHDoubHPřed 4 dny
  • None of these are a problem for girls.

    Kenneth SamselKenneth SamselPřed 4 dny
  • The narrators voice annoys me so much-

    Stef GusaStef GusaPřed 4 dny
  • Love the shirt 😂

    Stef GusaStef GusaPřed 4 dny
  • I 2 3 NO BITCH

    ERroR 453ERroR 453Před 4 dny
  • In conclusion 123 go is a brain dead channel for brain dead people

    Chan TimChan TimPřed 4 dny
  • They probably could have used shaving foam to get rid of the hair dye on the brush

    Julie SmithJulie SmithPřed 4 dny
  • I believe life hacks once were useful nevermind

    Jarrett DunkerJarrett DunkerPřed 4 dny
  • Anyone else reading the comments while he’s saying the intro???😅

    R E A P E R 001R E A P E R 001Před 4 dny
  • i love how the voice for the guy is very obviously the usual narrator trying to do a guy voice

    isaisaPřed 4 dny
  • I am jealous of Danny’s shirt

    Sakura!!Sakura!!Před 4 dny
  • Ah yes graffiti in hir is not toxic and it kills you Noooooooooo

    MechaCosiMechaCosiPřed 4 dny
  • Hasn't no one noticed the shirt-

    Lejla KrejovičLejla KrejovičPřed 4 dny
  • 123go! And Troom Troom and 5 mins crafts are all by the same people ;-;

    Artful AmeliaArtful AmeliaPřed 4 dny
  • Bobby pins do not do this. I have never experienced this Bobby pin pain...

    TheAmazingfulOneTheAmazingfulOnePřed 4 dny

    Di Spencertr69Di Spencertr69Před 5 dny
  • Why do they have shaving cream if no boys live there

    TheDemonGuyTheDemonGuyPřed 5 dny
  • Imagine the person doing the voice over she's like what is going on

    sassie martinezsassie martinezPřed 5 dny
  • Deku happened (lol)

  • 7:50 Notice how her hair was already died on the other side, too... ah.. sometimes they’re garbage at hiding the fact it doesn’t work at all

    Sour LemonadeSour LemonadePřed 5 dny
  • Bobby pens are the next super villain to appear in a marvel movie

    Thecool LegodudeThecool LegodudePřed 5 dny
  • Now days you will always see that Dream has a number one and number two spot on trending for his manhaunts and his analogy.

    Hunter WallaceHunter WallacePřed 5 dny
  • I'm a Girl and a Greg is that possible

    Sigrún EvaSigrún EvaPřed 5 dny
  • What is up with Ratatoing shirt when you made a video making a mockery of it.

    Josh Castic ShowJosh Castic ShowPřed 6 dny
  • "I don't wear a lot of makeup" While his lips are peach and glossy.

    Myr RosenMyr RosenPřed 6 dny
  • That is you cringie lol

  • Why is your lips is red lol

  • Still waiting for him to announce the crap crown

    ThatAwesome19ThatAwesome19Před 6 dny
  • 123 GO! is by 5 Minute Crafts

    Eleanor's Creation VacationEleanor's Creation VacationPřed 6 dny
    • yeah that.. that makes sense

      niiiucilniiiucilPřed 6 dny
  • Didn't he shot a fake gun in the lemon mouth video in that shirt?

    Mekiel DavisMekiel DavisPřed 6 dny
    • Lemonade mouth

      Mekiel DavisMekiel DavisPřed 6 dny
  • ✖️boy ✖️girl ✔️Greg

    Wheel county OfficialWheel county OfficialPřed 6 dny
  • Ratatoing shirt...

    Eleanor BucknerEleanor BucknerPřed 6 dny

    Shan KeaneShan KeanePřed 6 dny
  • the color is colo rista semi perm hair color

    FuturistFuturistPřed 6 dny
  • x40

    Rares Bogdan PetrutRares Bogdan PetrutPřed 6 dny
  • Gimme ur shirt!

    QuivixQuivixPřed 7 dny
  • i want your shirt N O W

    Dark FunnyDark FunnyPřed 7 dny
  • is it just me or has anyone else never gotten hurt by a bobby pin-

    wednesdayywednesdayyPřed 7 dny
  • that rattatoing merch is dope

    SoulSoulPřed 7 dny
  • Ah, yes. The two genders. Female, and G R E G.

    Michael HMichael HPřed 7 dny
    • No it’s griggi and Greg

      Knockoff MemeulousKnockoff MemeulousPřed 7 dny
  • im no girl im no boy, im a greg

    Marshmallow AnimationsMarshmallow AnimationsPřed 7 dny
  • I used to watch you on the CORRIDOR channel. i did not like you. thought you were a weirdo and a dick. I now see it was a bit and that you are actually really funny and talented. ty just thought id share

    Wes JayWes JayPřed 7 dny
  • Ok but is it just me or is it weird that the toilet paper in the 123go videos is yellow?

    Bauer RobertsBauer RobertsPřed 8 dny
  • Official profile of Danny Gonzalez. Gender:Greg Hair:Brown Lacroix lover:Yessir

    KittyKat PlayzzKittyKat PlayzzPřed 8 dny
  • The thing about these videos is that there's just so much effort in these 123 GO! videos, just the hacks are shit

    Yucky Edit TimeYucky Edit TimePřed 8 dny
  • I will now refer to males as Greg’s from now on

    Silverwolf XKSilverwolf XKPřed 8 dny
  • Now, I’m not a girl.... I’m a ✨𝐺𝑟𝑒𝑔✨ But I’ve ✨𝑠𝑒𝑒𝑛✨ girls before.

    Ashley PhillipsAshley PhillipsPřed 8 dny
  • But.. the Bobby pins they show are visibly noT sharp

    Basically Steven UniverseBasically Steven UniversePřed 8 dny
  • Bobby pins aren’t sharp- And they never randomly appear The randomly disappear after you use them once

    Aurora HetrickAurora HetrickPřed 8 dny
  • 4:28 ok but like they didnt tell us how they fixed her hair before they put a fucking sock in it

    •f•u•n•n•y•b•u•n•n•y••f•u•n•n•y•b•u•n•n•y•Před 8 dny
  • dont lie, we can all relate to covering our *whole entire fucking face in lipstick*

    •f•u•n•n•y•b•u•n•n•y••f•u•n•n•y•b•u•n•n•y•Před 8 dny
  • danny is a greg, james charles is a sister, and 123 go is a.. uhm.. an i n t e r e s t i n g c o n c e p t ?

    •f•u•n•n•y•b•u•n•n•y••f•u•n•n•y•b•u•n•n•y•Před 8 dny
    • I don’t think it’s that interesting

      Knockoff MemeulousKnockoff MemeulousPřed 7 dny
  • 123 go is like santa for jewish people

    •f•u•n•n•y•b•u•n•n•y••f•u•n•n•y•b•u•n•n•y•Před 8 dny
  • im sorry its just- r a t a t o i n g

    •f•u•n•n•y•b•u•n•n•y••f•u•n•n•y•b•u•n•n•y•Před 8 dny
  • *r a t a t a t a*

    Faysal jamshaidFaysal jamshaidPřed 8 dny
  • I, as a girl, can say that no I do not understand the plight of stray bobby pins

    Deanna WilcoxDeanna WilcoxPřed 8 dny