Third Wheeling With Your Own Girlfriend (with Drew Gooden)

28. 06. 2019
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Today we're gonna find out what happens when you let your best friend date your girlfriend for a day. Spoiler alert, it's gonna be craaaaaazy hahahahaha alright guys enough goofin around enjoy the video

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  • Did anyone else notice how the captions are all off?

    The Stupid SkunkThe Stupid SkunkPřed 3 hodinami
  • me: vibing to this video is over now danny:🎶whAt aBoUt uS🎶 danny and drew:🎶wHat aboUt eVerYthiNg wEve beEN thRoUgh🎶

    Maria R.Maria R.Před 5 hodinami
  • are Drew and Danny physically connected?!?!?!?

    GexxerGexxerPřed 7 hodinami
  • That duet at the end was absolutely gorgeous

    Lanna HLanna HPřed 16 hodinami
  • The captions are al mesed up@

    MilkyMoo_MilkyMoo_Před 20 hodinami
  • Bro the girlfriend was wearing shoes

    BD10BD10Před dnem
  • I think their bones got squishy

    Willem I amWillem I amPřed dnem
  • I was so confused. I had the subtitles on and they were showing completely different words to what was happening on screen so I thought they were having a completely different conversation/sketch in the subtitles while that basketball sketch was playing and it turned out the subtitles were just too early... I honestly thought it was kinda cheeky and smart while I thought they were doing it intentionally

    Eh-reel YtelEh-reel YtelPřed dnem
  • I’m uncomfortable

    Sean DuffySean DuffyPřed dnem
  • Ok but can be talk about how in sync that "what's up greg" sentence was.

    Anonymous BeanAnonymous BeanPřed dnem
  • 18:10 da vinky?

    Yim.Yim.Před dnem
  • Imagine shipping Drew and Danny........W-whens that gonna happen ?

    Dezia RobinsonDezia RobinsonPřed dnem
  • Drew: You wouldn’t do something like that Danny:No I would never. Danny: *smiles* me:🤔

    Mr. BlackMr. BlackPřed 2 dny
  • 1:01 bones getting squishy

    Raymond FeltonRaymond FeltonPřed 2 dny
  • Did he say he took his first girlfriend lmao

    Emily MiccicheEmily MiccichePřed 2 dny

    Sammi WilliamsSammi WilliamsPřed 2 dny
  • who else was confused because of the English subtitles

    Isabelle MeyersIsabelle MeyersPřed 2 dny
  • Hang on guys my bones are getting sQuIsHy.

    Oakland PickleOakland PicklePřed 2 dny
  • Anybody else get an ad on the side to fix your marriage?

    Alyssa :3Alyssa :3Před 2 dny
  • What were those subtitles

    Quinn BaumQuinn BaumPřed 2 dny
  • imagine driving by a house and seeing two grown men missing basketballs horrifically and then one starts crying

  • Don't let the video distract you from the fact that they broke the hoop in the first throw

    MainCabooseMainCaboosePřed 2 dny
  • Draw,dont worry

    FreeDJFreeDJPřed 3 dny
  • 20:03 Thank me later

    Crystal KhanCrystal KhanPřed 3 dny
  • 20:02 Thank me later

    Crystal KhanCrystal KhanPřed 3 dny
  • Love the caption btw.

    Egg LoopEgg LoopPřed 3 dny
  • They were good at playing basketball. Better than any basketball player.

    Egg LoopEgg LoopPřed 3 dny
  • Why are the English subtitles fucked up?

    ShinaShinaPřed 3 dny
  • did danny break the backboard?

    Dakota ConnorsDakota ConnorsPřed 3 dny
  • 1:03 lol nice sound effects

    Lauren LemonLauren LemonPřed 3 dny
  • Wait is this a youtube video?!?!?!?!?!

    FancyFruitFancyFruitPřed 3 dny
  • Anybody notice that Brent Revera is holding a toy aeroplane at 12:42?

    Rogue MarioRogue MarioPřed 4 dny
  • Bro I just watched Danny and Danny break a bunch of bones, this video is awesome.

    Six Foot childSix Foot childPřed 4 dny
  • the captions make it funnier

    super high school level idiotsuper high school level idiotPřed 5 dny
  • If they broke there bones then how did they get to the Greg room

    Light Shadow89Light Shadow89Před 5 dny
  • the dobre twins are so awkawrd that it entertaining

    jiquijiquiPřed 5 dny
  • 14:58 she looks very concerned about what's going on

    Some IdeaSome IdeaPřed 5 dny
  • ‘a flower a rose oh wow’

    leah XDleah XDPřed 5 dny
  • it’s 1am and i can’t stop laughing at the ‘a few moments later’ malfunction😭😭😭

    leah XDleah XDPřed 5 dny
  • Did they really just break the back board while filming lol

    Allison CurryyAllison CurryyPřed 5 dny
  • A o

    abdullahabdullahPřed 5 dny
  • Letting my girlfriend get married to my best friend, having children and leading a beautiful life together challenge!

    Myr RosenMyr RosenPřed 6 dny
  • Letting my girlfriend get married to my best friend, having children and leading a beautiful life together challenge!

    Myr RosenMyr RosenPřed 6 dny
  • did anyone notice drew's very sweaty armpit 17:01

    Azek animationAzek animationPřed 6 dny
  • Bru wtf are these subtitles

    James HarrisJames HarrisPřed 6 dny
    • Omg yeah wtf XD

      Kaji Potato chanKaji Potato chanPřed 5 dny
  • “we didn’t realize how hot it was; it was like 93 degrees outside” me, who lives in arizona: 😳😒

    pastelbaekpastelbaekPřed 6 dny
  • I like how they break the hoop but just keep playing

    Challenging GamerChallenging GamerPřed 6 dny
  • I forgot how much I loved this video, but God is this awkward...

    Petition to give Forgotten Disney More LovePetition to give Forgotten Disney More LovePřed 6 dny
  • Hey Danny! I know this is an old video but just so you know the closed captions are very off. Love your work!

    Fox WarrenFox WarrenPřed 7 dny
  • “Besides influencers like this..” What does he even influence? Weird love triangles like between the main character the love interest and the cliche bully at school in that one episode in every kid’s cartoon?

    CricetoCricetoPřed 7 dny
  • i actually had a male friend do that. we were rollin face on halloween and i said "well im gonna stay with __his friend__" and he says, "what?? no you're not. you're coming to my house" i was like nnnawwt a chance buckaroo

    Sydney DivelySydney DivelyPřed 7 dny
  • the subtitles are fucked up

    Swapna VaidyaSwapna VaidyaPřed 8 dny
  • i want a full length cover of gotta go my own way

    Natassja CasillasNatassja CasillasPřed 8 dny
  • 18:18. davinki? They just reminded me of that meme also I can't spell

    Leslie RogersLeslie RogersPřed 8 dny
  • Am I the only one that thinks that not talking to the girls about it and making sure they're okay with it it's like really fucked up

    Shade EldridgeShade EldridgePřed 8 dny
  • holy shit their voices when they both say whats up greg.. so similar

    Star TownStar TownPřed 8 dny
  • 0:55 is Donald trump during the election

    Kimberly KKimberly KPřed 8 dny
  • His gf is the most annoying person to ever exist why does she act like a baby

    Rachael VanNoteRachael VanNotePřed 8 dny
  • they’re definitely two different people

    bella marinbella marinPřed 8 dny
  • the captions are so early it hurts

    bella marinbella marinPřed 8 dny
  • Everyone in the Dobre brothers video looks like a vampire

    buttercupbuttercupPřed 9 dny
  • your videos make me laugh realy hard

    Dhayne Diorous CamaongayDhayne Diorous CamaongayPřed 9 dny
  • Next challenge: I let my DOG sleep with my GIRLFRIEND!

    EpiCheetah 24EpiCheetah 24Před 9 dny
  • What is with all these random subtitles XD

    DisBoiDea_XDDisBoiDea_XDPřed 9 dny
    • the subtitles were written REALLY early so yeah

      wesleywesleyPřed 9 dny
  • i hope that's not actually your kink lmao

    Aru Tetea Enge ngaAru Tetea Enge ngaPřed 10 dny

    Zinnia AamirZinnia AamirPřed 10 dny
    • no its not just you

      wesleywesleyPřed 9 dny
  • Siuiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmpppppppppp cuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkk bishsssss

    Jacob JoestarJacob JoestarPřed 10 dny
  • 10:57 John Mulaney?

    LaunchedKnot777LaunchedKnot777Před 11 dny
  • The autumn air felt crisp against his nose, sitting on a park bench one fall day. He scrolled through instagram as he waited but was far too nervous to pay attention to anything on screen. Then, seeing a figure approaching slowly he became all too aware of his jittering knees and clammy hands. "Hey, Danny! Am I late?" Drew asked, voice smooth and warm. "Ah, no, I just got here!" Danny lied, not wanting to embarrass Drew, even though he most certainly was. Drew sat down next to Danny, his hand brushing against his thigh. Danny blushed and pretended not to notice. "What was it you wanted to talk about?" Drew asked, despite having a relatively good idea of what was about to happen. "Well it's just that, ever since our wives passed away in Afghanistan," Danny rushed, avoiding looking Drew in the eye, " we've grown so close. I think, that maybe, " fidgeting with his wedding ring and staring at his shoes, Danny paused before finishing his thought, " maybe we could be something more..." With that Danny stared into Drew's eyes, waiting for approval or recognition of his confession. Instead, without a word, Drew's hand ran over Danny's thigh as he leaned in, both of them breathless waiting for the other to make the final move. And in a monotone voice they both said in resounding tones, "Wanna make a video?"

    Bella GiammalvoBella GiammalvoPřed 11 dny
  • I let my friend dat my girl for a day the next day there still dating #fuck

    Alex VillegasAlex VillegasPřed 12 dny
  • 18:19 had some strong "Davinky" vibes goin on.

    Tranaya MosherTranaya MosherPřed 12 dny
  • 1:14 me when I was sitting down for a long time and then get up

    Andrew LilesAndrew LilesPřed 13 dny
  • The dobres brothers videos r boring,the twin stokes r funny but thay content r fake

    Caleb ChettyCaleb ChettyPřed 14 dny
  • I dont even know i hit the fone soo hard😂😂😂

    Caleb ChettyCaleb ChettyPřed 14 dny
  • never noticed the backboard breaking at 0:41 until now

    lunalunaPřed 14 dny
  • Okay but they were great at singing in the end

    Chloe NovoselChloe NovoselPřed 15 dny
  • “And I got my swim floaties!”

    Chloe NovoselChloe NovoselPřed 15 dny
  • Hey Danny why did you have an empty seat next to you was there supposed to be a special guest or sumthing

    DaMaster 8000DaMaster 8000Před 17 dny
  • I love videos with drew and Danny they're r the funniest ppl!

    Ch33tah -_-Ch33tah -_-Před 17 dny
  • ew brent rivera is hella fuckin creepy! He just entered the house and she had no clue and then they're like "ok s my bff is dating you no backing out sorry we didn't tell you in advance"

    That equestrian PenelopeThat equestrian PenelopePřed 17 dny
  • Danny should have remixed the outro song so that it's both of them singing it

    Thomas OnyangoThomas OnyangoPřed 17 dny
  • I laughed harder than I should have at the opening sketch

    Panda GamingPanda GamingPřed 19 dny
  • I love watching you guys at 1:34 in the morning when I’m depressed. It helps me to escape. Keep it up!

    kohlneedstochillkohlneedstochillPřed 19 dny
  • oh the joke in the subtitles is that they're incredibly far off from what they're saying

    Seth ProvSeth ProvPřed 19 dny
  • 20:03 I could watch 10 more hours of this...

    Negar BroughaniNegar BroughaniPřed 19 dny
  • when they broke the backboard, i felt that-

    D.VaRito’s GamingD.VaRito’s GamingPřed 19 dny
  • the fact that Riley (?) and Tyler are now dating 💀

    MagnafiiiMagnafiiiPřed 19 dny
  • @diemortal

    Awesomechubcat59 MynamesjeffAwesomechubcat59 MynamesjeffPřed 20 dny
  • Brent: date my crush for a day. Them: *does relationship things* Brent: STOP IT

    Abigail JuliaAbigail JuliaPřed 20 dny
  • The overall vibe of this video: off brand Elena Gilbert and Salvatore brothers

    Sesily LoganSesily LoganPřed 20 dny
  • 13:39 is nobody gonna mention these.. fucking hairstyles? And that all of them look like 15, but the main guy has wrinkles that make him look like 35? its all very confusing.. Edit: 14:02 ok, so his "girlfriend" looks 55. even more confused. Edit2: 16:55 there is now three of them.. fuck this

    slave No. 4028slave No. 4028Před 20 dny
  • Wholesome content.

    Boston MarxBoston MarxPřed 21 dnem
  • I like the subtitles

    K1leK1lePřed 21 dnem
  • beeeeeeeeef

    FelixFelixPřed 21 dnem
  • 18:19 da vinky?

    seisoseisoPřed 21 dnem
  • This is just a whole ass video that could be explained with the Being A Cuckold Is... pic

    Soft ArthropodSoft ArthropodPřed 21 dnem
  • Alright all these crossover videos got me, I was good just watching Drew, Pyro, and Kappa but now I've subbed to Kurtis and Danny. Y'all fuckin got me. I need you guys to start talking to each other before you do videos though so you don't all do videos on the same things or else yanno I'll cry, so no more tik tok videos from any of you. Got it? Cool, thanks love you, keep making me free entertainment for hours and hours you're the best.

    Paul DoodsirPaul DoodsirPřed 22 dny
  • Why

    Katherine BushKatherine BushPřed 22 dny
  • 1:03 Guys my bones are gettin’ squishy

    Nunya BiznasNunya BiznasPřed 22 dny
  • why do the paul brothers and brent have such punchable faces

    Diane CherianDiane CherianPřed 22 dny